29 years old and still going strong!

On 11/05/1987 Howards Way Travel was set up with a desk, a phone some price lists and a ledger noting clients booking details and costings. Little did I know that 29 years later we’d still be trading and from the same address. You might not think much has changed with us since then but boy it has ……!!

We now rely more on computers than ever and the internet has been a “mixed blessing” with more booking, admin and accounting processes being automated to enable quicker searching and researching, data entry and document production.  Emails have become an essential tool of communication but it also causes regular interruptions on an hourly basis if not more!  Social media seems to be the latest activity to take up our daily lives: hate it or be obsessed with it, we can’t escape it’s influence (Please can you click here to “like us” on Facebook by the way).

There’s still no substitute for a phone conversation to get a better “feel” of  a client’s true needs and then communicating them on effectively to a supplier. Some members of the public that think “they can do it themselves” have no idea of the pitfalls that await them in terms of lack of protection, lack of support if anything goes wrong. The advice and experience we can offer is invaluable to help make the right and informed choice of holiday or business itinerary and most of the time we can get it at the same cost or even perhaps lower …..once you’ve decided to provide your card for payment at checkout ! …

What else is new… ?
With fears of security in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia this year, more enquiries than ever have been coming in for Italian Lakes, Greece and the United States where some great deals can be had in really nice hotels and resorts. Special offers come in daily on holidays, specific hotels and cruises so if you haven’t booked anything for the summer or autumn time now’s the time to take advantage before you end up taking what’s left often at inflated last minute prices.

With the EEC Referendum coming up next month who knows how exchange rates are going to affect holiday costs so get cracking now….and don’t let me tell you “I told you so “!

Off to eat some ‘birthday cake’….speak soon ;-)

Howard, Francine & Joanne