Bespoke Australian Holiday

What’s worth seeing and doing on your bespoke Australian holiday?


If ypleasure-garden-at-fringe-world-northbridge-perth-australia-conde-nast-traveller-29march15-jarrad-seng_810x540ou’d like an itinerary that takes you off the beaten track, Byron Bay is a must see on your Australian holiday. Nice pools, retreat centres and a different, more laid back vibe to the rest of the country. Surfing ives hand in hand with art and music in this bohemian corner of the continent. Furniture makers and jewellers fill the local shops with more interesting things to spend your money on and the views and just as soothing.




The West Coast is popular with those taking a gap year in Australia. It’s great beaches and white sand go on  for miles without the crowds you will experience in other corners of the country. Perfect also for wine and food lovers, we can schedule tastings for you at some of the local vineyards. Perth, in recent years has seen a cultural awakening. New restaurants, bars and galleries are opening up all the time.


Stunning beaches and high-class beach parties make it hard to miss-out Sydney on your visit, before we even get to the cultural highlights. We’ll make sure you avoid the usual pitfalls, such as the cheaper, but dodgy King’s Cross hostels and we’ll point you in the direction of the far more sophisticated and safer parts of the city. A good starting point for your bespoke holiday.