Oh no: the kids are off school again !

Just as we’re recovering from juggling the summer holidays with work commitments another half term break is upon us.  Are you planning a quick break or saving up for a real treat at Xmas? Don’t forget our ability to put together some unforgettable tailor made holidays. With the unusually sunny and warm weather we’re currently having at the moment, it won’t be long before the clocks go back, winter will be upon us and thoughts of warmer climes will tempt us away with some off-peak holiday bargains for well under £500. If the packages don’t suit your needs a bespoke holiday can still be put together to suit all pockets.

So what’s been happening at Howards Way since our last Newsletter….?

We took our kids to Rhodes for a week in August and despite some misgivings about the heat, the Greek  Government’s economic woes and  having to fight off the ubiquitous mosquito,  none of these fears affected us and consequently had a great time together sunbathing, swimming and generally spoiling ourselves at the 5* Kresten Royal Villas & Spa Resort in Kallithea about 15 minutes drive from Rhodes town. Our flights were with Germania Airlines who we hadn’t heard of or flown with before & can personally recommend them for punctuality, comfort and great in-flight entertainment.

Many of our Jewish clients celebrated  the festival of “Rosh Hashonah” and the associated religious Holy Days during September and we take this opportunity to belatedly  wish them and their families a healthy happy peaceful and prosperous New Year.  Trips to Israel continue to be popular amongst tourists and Holyland pilgrims as well as simply visiting friends and family. With the recent addition of weekly direct flights to the Red Sea city of Eilat from Luton one can expect more and more tourism opportunities this small yet fascinatingly varied country.

October and November have always been popular months for companies that send their sales and buying teams away to Trade Fairs both in Europe and the Far East. Why not try us to arrange your business travel  needs ? We provide a second-to- none business travel solution with access to the cheapest air fares and corporate rates for hotels combined with the ability to put together an itinerary that maximises on time at the destination whilst ensuring the most convenient flight times to suit

“What else is new?” you may ask….Well we’ve been working on our Social Media channels and have started to engage more heavily with Facebook users, Tweeters and Linked In. When Linked in first started to appear on emails with everyone asking to connect with each other my better half Francine thought someone wanted to have an affair with me : “Who is this ‘Lin Edkin’ that keeps emailing you to be your friend…… ??!!”

Will you “like” us ?

Well we certainly hope so after trading over 28 years ! But seriously if you can tick that little box on Facebook to say you do (https://www.facebook.com/howardswaytravel), not only will you get regular offers and titbits of useful travel information we’ll also enter you into a draw to get £75 voucher off your next holiday with us. If you’re more of a “follower” then you may also find out more about us here: https://twitter.com/HowardsWayTrvl.

Enjoy what’s left of this amazing Indian Summer and remember us when you next want to get away….!