Staycation or Vacation?

Hope you’ve all had a happy Easter or enjoyable Passover and are not suffering too much from an excess of either chocolate eggs or matzo! Well…our kids have gone back to school this week after a wonderful, relaxing break, with a “lie in“ most mornings and family days out with picnics in the unusually warm weather, which has now gotten us in the mood for summer and what to do in the hols.

Now that the clocks have moved forward, the days are now getting much longer and not only is there “spring in the air” but also a sense of “spring in our steps”  too. So what are YOUR plans for the summer?

Being travel agents, you’d expect us to jet off to some exotic destinations with the kids in tow but we have opted for a UK holiday in more recent times. We’ve simply loaded up the car and set off to our favourite hotel in Bournemouth. You could be assuming that after arranging overseas trips for everyone else we haven’t the time or patience to sort our own out: like a plumber not fixing his own pipes!

If you want to do the same and are prepared to take the risk with our often unreliable British weather, good times can be had by all the family with some beautiful, picturesque places to visit. Last year we took the kids to Legoland, Windsor and had a great few days down there, but beware it can be an expensive trip! Once you’ve factored in not only the entrance tickets, but also fast-track passes, priority parking, meals on site, drinks, ice creams and souvenirs, the cost for a family of 4 or more can work out almost as much as a week in the Med.

So, if it’s the South Coast or the Lakes, London or Loch Ness, our team have personal experience of visits to many of the UK’s top tourist attractions and nearby hotels. Together with exclusive access to hotel wholesalers’ room rates normally geared for foreign tourists, we can get deals on 4* and 5* hotels or holiday parks with luxury lodges and caravans that bear no resemblance whatsoever to the ubiquitous seaside guest house or holiday camp of yesteryear with prices to suit all tastes, age groups and budgets.

This month’s selection of special offers include trips to some of Britain’s best attractions as well as some amazing deals further afield. Trying to choose 4* or 5* holiday ideas that ‘whet your holiday appetite’ isn’t easy so please feel free to look at dozens of others listed here that is updated daily. The list is by no means exhaustive so please contact us with any specific requirements you have and we’ll still endeavour to get you a good deal as well as arrange that perfect well-earned holiday break.