Case Studies

Howard’s Way Travel Go The Extra Mile!

Howard’s Way Travel has built a fantastic reputation as one of the best travel agents in both Manchester and the UK. The company specialise in providing a personal and professional service to clients, helping them find the holiday that suits their requirements.

The company is owned and managed by Howard Goldman, who has years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Howard and his team are renowned for going the extra mile for their customers and will do their absolute best to offer the highest standards of customer service.

Howard has many examples of this dedication to great customer service and a fantastic instance of this occurred when a lady missed her flight home from Florida to Manchester after mistaking it for being the day before. The customer, who was visiting family, was stranded in the airport with the prospect of paying over £700 for the next flight. She contacted Howard who dealt with the problem as a matter of urgency and managed o secure a flight for the very next day at just $200.

Another example of the service provided by Howard’s Way Travel arose when a business client wanted to travel from his home in mainland Spain to Nairobi. In order to make the trip and collect his mileage points with the Iberia handler the client would have had to make at least 7 stops. Howard not only ensured that the client received all of his mileage points but saving him 10 hours flying time and a substantial amount of money.

Howard’s ability to deal with urgent travel situations was also put to the test when a client’s son missed a flight to America and called in a state of panic. Under normal circumstances (as the son had mistaken the day of the flight) the airline would have marked him as a no-show and therefore the only way of getting to his destination would have been to pay full price for a new ticket. However, Howard negotiated with the airline who agreed to get the client’s son on a flight the very next day at no charge.

Needless to say, all three customers were very impressed with the service from Howard’s Way Travel and would happily recommend Howard and his team.



Howard’s Way are travel superheroes!

Howard’s Way Travel continues to go the extra mile for their customers, as this fantastic case study illustrates.

Howard’s Way Travel had been recommended to a client who needed help to secure a room in one of the Sun City hotels in South Africa. However, as the country was hosting an international golf tournament the hotels were officially fully booked. The person who recommended our heroic travel agents to the client said that if anybody could help, the team at Howard’s Way Travel could!

The hard working team tried all their accommodation wholesalers and brokers based around the world. Not only did they manage to find a room, but it emerged that the price was considerably cheaper than the hotel originally offered the client.

The next problem Howard’s Way Travel faced was finding flights for the client and his girlfriend (who were based in Spain) that would enable them to arrive in Johannesburg and depart at the same time. The team achieved this and even enabled them to fly together from each starting point by meeting in Zurich.

Yet another miracle (and extra mile!) undertaken by Howard’s Way Travel!

Don’t cut corners – speak to the experts at Howard’s Way Travel, Whitefield


A moral to what could have been a very costly holiday!

Yes, high street travel companies and internet deals can sometimes save you a few pounds on the quiet but when something goes wrong, are they there to pick up the pieces – generally, the answer is NO. This can turn out to be a costly exercise and with so many horror stories of late shouldn’t you be thinking of ensuring you are spending your money wisely but with added customer service and expertise from those in the know as part of the package!

Independent travel companies such as Howard’s Way Travel visit many destinations and use many companies to ensure they know where and what are the best places and companies to use to make your holiday one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Here I give you one example provided to me by Howard of Howards Way Travel, Whitefield.

A client came to me and booked a hotel only in Tenerife for Christmas & New Year as she had already got “really cheap seats on the internet” When suggesting she book a private transfer from the airport she accepted our recommendation to avoid lengthy queues for a taxi outside the terminal. We asked for her flight number and arrival time together with departure details for her flight home. Thankfully we did this as she discovered they’d mistakenly booked to fly her home 6/02 instead of 06/01 !! (Only a month out!) £240 later [including a hefty £40pp date change fee] she was able to give us the corrected flight details for her transfer back to the airport. If we hadn’t asked them to book transfers they might have had to pay up to £300pp extra for full price tickets or worse not have been able to fly back on 06/01 at all!

Moral of the story: Don’t do it yourself, pay a few pounds more to save time & effort & use an expert travel agent like Howard’s Way Travel



Howard’s Way Travel Go Above And Beyond

Howard’s Way Travel, go above and beyond to provide the best customer service possible to every customer. Howard took a call on Saturday night at 9:30pm, it was from a customer who had an ill relative in LA. Four passengers needed to get to LA within 24 hours and each person required a different itinerary as they needed to be back in the UK on different dates.

Howard sourced which agents would be open to help, as well as obtain all the clients names, passport numbers, credit card details and dates of return from the client. Howard then had to find and book the flights; 2 of the passengers also needed open tickets as they weren’t sure when they would be returning to the UK. Howard had completed all the booking by midnight and all four clients departed from the UK by 11 am on Sunday. This is the high quality of service that Howard’s Way Travel offer to customers, providing a personal and professional service suited to your individual needs



Howard’s Way Travel Save The Day Again!

Last Sunday morning we had a call from a client telling us that his wife who was due to fly home the next day wanted to stay on in the US an extra week with her relatives.

We advised him it was easier and cheaper to resolve locally but being inexperienced in dealing with airlines he wanted some assistance. I logged into our computer system remotely to get the passenger’s airline reference number, contacted the airline’s offices in the USA on his wife’s behalf, retrieved the booking then checked the nearest dates for an available seat at the same fare in order to advise the client the choices and administration charges by the airline to amend the date.

With the information I rang the client back, gave him the dates to choose and the correct US phone number and easy to follow instructions on how to arrange the date change after liaising with his wife a suitable date to fly home. Had this been done in the UK via the ticket agent he would have had to pay a further £50-75 on top of the airline’s own charges. So we managed to save them time, money and effort!